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A top contender in the iPhone and Android app charts, is one of the latest apps that ardent users of Instagram, Vine and Dubsmash should definitely take interest in. The app offers users a myriad of services including an instant video experience with opportunities to take part in various contests, to follow musicians, celebrities as well as power users of the app. Another feature of the app is that it allows users to create their very own instant music video which combines special effects and lip sync voice overs.

If you are planning on downloading, here is a brief introduction of the app for your perusal.

free musically followers


The app is not only a simple lip sync video creation tool like Dubsmash, but it also offers a complete social network with a group of hilarious and very talented creators to keep you entertained. The app is a powerful tool where you can make your own music videos and share them or just save it for private viewing only.

This is a complete free app while there no in-app purchases as of date. This has been quite the surprise for many users since the app offers a bunch of interesting services. However, some of these features are only made available once a user shares a musically video on a platform such as Instagram which most users tend to do.

Just like Vine and various other video related apps that have been released in the recent past, users are given the opportunity to record multiple clips, merge them together or transition them from one scene to another. Once you have done recording or importing the video to, you can add music and other special effects to upgrade the quality of the video.

Let’s Check out the Video Effects

While most of the users mainly use the option of creating music themed videos on, you should know that some of the best features focus on its video effects. Once you download the app, you can shoot your video in Slow, Normal, Fast, Epic and Time Lapse modes while when it comes to editing, there are more options available. These options include a reverse mode which offers comical editing opportunities, a time trap which allows you to repeat scenarios and a relativity option to change the speed of the video.

Did you know about the Challenges and Contests?

If you love challenges and if you feel like competing with a few creative gurus, you will enjoy the contests that are offered through the app. You will find a revolving list of trending topics which affords you the opportunity to choose and compete in challenges. Users can show off their talents under a specific topic.

Currently, is hosting a Lip Sync contest while the ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ just ended. You can simply tap on the search icon and take a look at what’s trending. If you are in the mood to create your very own unique version of a trending song, you can tap on the circle with the album art and the small yellow dot in the upper right side of the screen. A point to remember while filming is that all videos are in portrait mode.

Saving Private Videos

If you want to save a video for your own viewing pleasure or to share with another user or to share on a different social network, it’s possible and quite simple. Once you film and edit your video, tap on the save private option instead of entering a hashtag. You can choose to share once the next screen appears.

Making your  Account Private

Your account can be made private so that all users are unable to see your content, unless of course you approve them to follow you.

Simply go to your profile by tapping on the head in the lower left side and then tap on the Settings gear in the upper right. Next step is to tap on Settings and scroll down until you see “Private Account”. You can then switch it on.

How do you get Featured on

Making awesome content is the best way to get featured. Simply be creative, entertaining and original so that your music video becomes the talk of the town. You should also boost your odds by regularly checking on the trending topics / hashtags which are available on the discover screen.

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Things that anyone should understand regarding getting famous on

If you are wondering how to be famous of Musically, the following tips might help you getting  fans and likes., an increasingly popular application along with tweens and teenagers, permits people to create and share short videos that are actually lip-synced to songs of their choice. Amazingly, there are 80 million enrolled people, with about TEN million of those active on a day-to-day manner. These “Musers”– as these guys are called– upload an average of 10 million fifteen-second video recordings of themselves daily. Just what makes up these kinds of video clips, anyone ask? Well, that it’s typically a youngster bouncing around or passionately lip-syncing to a leading smash hit that everybody knows and also loves, or perhaps otherwise dramatically boasting off legendary movie lines or maybe bit funny punchlines (similar to Dubsmash). Perhaps simulation the fame of specific functions from Snapchat, Musers can additionally enhance their video recordings with effects like different colors filters, or speed them up or slow these down to add a novel and fun element to just what they share.

When a Muser uploads their video clip, that becomes a “Musical,” and also different users can make their comments about that, “like” that, or sign up for the person’s account so they could view even more of their material later on. encourages linking your account to various other social media applications like Instagram and Facebook, so that people to whom you are currently linked could easily locate and include you to their buddy group on the brand-new app. Within those accounts not set to “private,” Musers can climb their way to the very top of in-app success charts or perhaps be “featured” in a special segment on the app, in which people worldwide can view their Musicals. During’s latest expansion in popularity, contests have indeed been held by celebrities which offer prizes for teenagers who submit the best lip sync to a latest song– which of course helps the artist acquire much more public notice.

Finally, two features have included “stickiness” to the app, providing more reasons to retain utilizing it. First is the ability to call one of your followers your BFFs (Best Fan Forever) as well as to create duettes with them. This is exactly where the two of people create a personal video singing along to the exact same song, and after that automatically combines this. Second, these guys’ve brought in a Q&A function, where one Muser can pose inquiries in one video, another Muser could answer them in another, and promptly integrates them. That is really all in a 15-second video, which is lengthy enough to draw you in as well as bring in you giggle or grin, however small enough to avoid getting boring and irritating.

The positive aspects of permits youngsters to interact with other folks and also bond over the songs they know and love. Music played a significant position in my life whilst growing, since it revealed the feelings and feelings that I couldn’t normally or even readily reveal as an angst-ridden or perhaps love-struck teenage. To be sure, music participates in much less of a role in my life presently– and I think that trend appears in the lives of many grownups. However, I clearly recall the songs as well as groups as well as solo artists I loved back then, and how I wanted to head to shows, dress in band merchandise, get band stickers and also posters, and connect with other folks who cherished the same genres I did. Music brings along many people with each other, lifts emotional states and feelings, offers relief as well as reassurance, creates your heart race, provides hope and motivation, alleviates loneliness, and also simply makes you feel better. That’s why people listen to it.

During my teen years, songs was actually so massive in my life and in the life of my buddies, and also I think I would certainly have totally used this application in the past as certain tunes– for weeks and several months each time– became my jam, my chant, my mantra. I recognize I would certainly have wanted to distribute them in creative, customized methods with other folks just to see who could associate with that very same songs like I did, as well as just to see whose heart beat similar to my own. In case was available back then and I was an active user, I am sure that receiving positive affirmation from various other right after sharing my video clips would certainly have brought a smile to my face and a skip to my step. This would have provided recognition as well as connection– 2 things I frantically wanted and needed as an adolescent.